How to choose an ergonomic chair?

The key to determining a good ergonomic chair is: support + adjustability. Supportiveness is not limited to the waist and head as we know it, but also the seat cushions. Every inconspicuous curvature of the ergonomic chair is designed to better fit the human body structure.

The more common pneumatic rods are Level 3 and Level 4. This level is determined based on the thickness of the pneumatic rod tube wall. The thicker the tube wall, the higher the pneumatic rod certification level may be, and the higher its safety.

The seat cushion is the part of the chair that bears pressure for a long time. Seat cushions made of non-breathable materials will make you feel uncomfortable after sitting for a long time, so you must first check whether the material of the seat cushion is breathable? The cushions of most ergonomic chairs on the market are divided into sponge cushions and mesh cushions. The shape of the seat cushion is generally like a waterfall at the front end, which can reduce the pressure on the nerves of the buttocks and thighs, making people feel more comfortable when sitting.

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The most important thing about an ergonomic chair is the design of the chair back. Because the chair back needs to help us share the pressure on our waist and back, so that we can not get tired for a long time. Ergonomic chairs generally adopt an S-shaped chair back, which can better fit the human spine, can evenly distribute the weight of the body, and better eliminate pressure points. The tilt angle of the chair back should be adjustable so that it can meet the needs of different users.

The lumbar pillow is also the focus of a chair. Lumbar pillows can be divided into two types: adjustable and non-adjustable. When choosing a lumbar pillow, it is recommended to choose ones that are adjustable and have good elasticity, which can provide good support for the waist when studying or working for a long time.

The headrest can protect the cervical spine well. When choosing, you should consider whether the height of the headrest can be adjusted and whether the angle of the headrest can be rotated and adjusted.

Handrails are also very important. When sitting in front of a desk, whether you are typing or reading for a long time, having an armrest can provide good support for your arms and relieve the fatigue of your arms hanging in the air.

Post time: May-24-2024