Little knowledge about gaming chairs | Four major factors in selecting gaming chairs

The first element is to know your height and weight

Because choosing a chair is like buying clothes, there are different sizes and models. So when a “small” person wears “large” clothes or a “large” person wears “small” clothes, do you feel comfortable?


Ergonomic chairs usually only have one model, so it will try its best to meet the support of people with different body shapes according to different adjustment functions. There are also many other brands of gaming chairs on the market. They usually only have one model with different chair cover styles, and they lack many of the adjustable functions of ergonomic chairs. In the past 10 years, we at GDHERO have been constantly subdividing our gaming chair series according to different body shapes.


The second element is to understand the tightness of the chair cover and sponge

Why does the tightness of the seat cover and sponge affect the service life of the seat?


The overall size of the sponge remains unchanged. If the chair cover is too large, there must be wrinkles in the excess gaps.


First of all, the whole thing is unsightly; secondly, when we sit down, the sponge and the chair cover are stressed together and deformed. But sponges can rebound, but oversized chair covers cannot. Over time, the wrinkles in the chair cover will become deeper and deeper, and it will wear and age faster and faster.


In the process of manufacturing the chair cover, we will completely match the data of the chair cover and the sponge, so it will be like a fitness trainer wearing tights, with the muscles and clothes closely fitting, giving us a better visual enjoyment. When the chair cover and the sponge are tightly attached, when they rebound under pressure, the sponge assists the chair cover and helps it easily rebound to its original full state. In this way, the service life of the chair is effectively extended. Therefore, during the purchase process, when watching the buyer’s show, don’t just look at whether it looks good or not, but carefully observe whether it has wrinkles or not.



The third element is to observe the safety and stability of the wheels and five-star feet.

The material of a relatively cheap gaming chair will have serious problems. It may be fine in the summer, but in winter when the temperature is low, it may break easily if you sit on it. Regarding the stability of the wheels and five-star legs, please remember to refer to the relevant methods for evaluation after receiving the chair.

Post time: Dec-04-2023