What are the characteristics of ergonomic computer chairs? How to choose cushions?

Computer people spend more and more time working and playing games at home, and the rigid and formula-like office space can no longer meet people’s needs. So what are the characteristics of ergonomic computer chairs? How to choose computer chair cushions? Let the editor answer for you.

1. Characteristics of ergonomic computer chairs

Ergonomic computer chairs The so-called ergonomic computer chairs are ergonomically designed, and the way of use is as suitable as possible for the natural form of the human body, so that people who use tools do not need any active adaptation physically and mentally when working, thereby minimizing the fatigue caused by using tools. This type of computer chair must meet the following conditions:

1. The headrest is adjustable;

2. The armrests are liftable and can be lifted in multiple levels, so that the hands and body can maintain the best position with the ground and the computer desk;

3. The backrest can better fit the back, and can effectively relieve spinal fatigue when working at the desk for a long time;

4. It has a lifting function;

5. The length and width of the cushion and the height of the chair must be specially customized according to the user group.

6. Thickened explosion-proof steel plate. Any ergonomic computer chair must be people-oriented, starting from people, with personal safety as the first factor. The main function of the explosion-proof steel plate is to strengthen the protection of personal safety;

7. The gas pressure rod must be SGS internationally certified;

8. The load-bearing capacity of the tripod must be greater than or equal to 500kg. The test method can use a car to press over the tripod one by one to confirm the load-bearing capacity. 

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2. How to choose a computer chair cushion

Cushions can relieve people with lumbar muscle strain, but there are also many things to pay attention to when using cushions.

First of all, the cushion must be placed on the waist, and it is ineffective to put it on the back. This is because the normal human spine has three physiological curves. Due to physiological needs, they do not grow in a straight line. The thoracic spine is convex backwards, and the cervical and lumbar vertebrae are convex forward. From the side, the spine is like the connection of two Ss. Due to this physiological characteristic, the waist and back cannot be placed on the same plane. Therefore, when sitting on a computer chair, if you put a cushion on your waist, you can effectively support your waist, maintain the flexion of the lumbar spine, balance the pressure of the lumbar spine and waist muscles, reduce strain, increase comfort, prevent and improve lumbar discomfort, and stabilize the spine.

Secondly, the thickness of the cushion should be appropriate. It should not be too thin or too soft, otherwise it will not support the waist, and it should not be too thick or too hard. Too thick may cause excessive flexion of the lumbar spine, and too hard will make people uncomfortable. When choosing, you can try to put the cushion behind your waist. If you still feel very comfortable after ten minutes of padding, then this thickness is suitable. If you feel fatigue or even pain in your waist and back, it means that this cushion is unqualified. In addition, people who already suffer from lumbar disc herniation and lumbar spinal stenosis should pay more attention to the comfort of the cushion.

Post time: Jun-06-2024